My little plan

A Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35, built in Sweden for serious offshore sailing.

A Hallberg Rassy Rasmus 35, built in Sweden for serious offshore sailing.

So I had the fortunate chance to take some courses over the summer and met a very interesting woman who had taken 2 years of her life and gone sailing with an ex-boyfriend. Now, this was 20 years ago when she was in her early 20’s but it still sounded cool. I got to talking to her and she said they averaged about $700 a month in expenses. Some months were as high as $4000 (buying new sails, equipment, etc) and some were $0. That really got me thinking.

So I asked around at home to see what the reaction was and got an astounding “that sounds cool” from those who would be affected…including my 2 month old daughter. Now comes the more challenging part. I used to sail, but it’s been about 15 years since I was even last on a sail boat. The boat that I found (yes, I started looking) is fully loaded with dual-nav GPS, wind generator, solar power, auto steer, sails, remodeled cabin and more. So issue number one is that it is about $90,000USD – but that really seems like a bargain. So I have to come up with about $100k.

The next issue is that passive income that will allow us to travel for however long we desire without the need of having a job. So my entrepreneurial brain started working and I’ve got a couple of ideas however the best one that I’ve come up with is a sponsor (or series of sponsors) to track our voyage around the world. The thing comes with a computer and most marinas now have some form of internet access. So, I simply blog about the whole experience (i.e. write a story) while plastering someones name all over the site and while sailing around (hey there’s a huge spinnaker we can talk about). The ship is currently birthed in Fiji and was sailed there from California. She checks out to be sea worthy at least. I would love to circumnavigate the world. How many people can actually say they’ve done something like that? So I guess step two is going to be finding sponsorship for the ship (that sounds kind of funny).

Of course there are a whole other gamut of ‘issues’ but they are surely easy to overcome with some thought and planning. So my question to anyone who reads this would simply be “any sponsor ideas” or “know anyone who wants to sponsor me?” I figure that at $1000 a month (taking into account inflation and the like) including the boat purchase we would require about $114,000 to go for two years. Of course, that doesn’t include insurance on the boat or our lives so expect that to go up. Really when you look at it like that, I find it hard to believe I’m not already in the South Pacific. So please, any help is welcomed!

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