You’re in control

Seriously, you’re in control! Well, sort of. I found myself downloading a tiny little, inexpensive app for my iPhone while vacationing in Maui. I saw my buddy playing it from across the room and thought it was a golf game so asked what it was. Well, as it turned out, it was a game called Flight Control available for just $0.99 (for a limited time of course).

The game itself is quite simple. You are in charge of ATC (air traffic control) for a rather tiny airport. Two runways and a helipad to be precise. So far, I’ve only seen four types of aircraft landing at it, but I’m wondering if there are in fact more. The play is even easier then the display. Drag your finger to plot the route for the aircraft to the appropriate landing location. Of course, the objective is to safely land as many aircraft as possible. A crash, and well it’s game over.

A high-score of 98 planes landed safely.

A high-score of 98 planes landed safely.

I’m quite happy that I waited until my last day to download it. I managed to kill my battery within the first couple of hours of the long flight back home. Though I did manage a high-score of 98. Just two more away from the century mark. There’s no doubt that the guys at Firemint are a company to watch. They’ve got some other great looking games coming out soon.

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If you’re lazy and you know it clap your hands

OK, I know I still owe a lot of writing to this blog, and to it’s readers, so here we go. I’ve been busy. Well, actually I haven’t. I’ve been slacking a lot at work, and at home, and at my own business. I need to get that drive and passion back. I want to sit back, relax and enjoy life, but realize I need to invest some time into it first.I guess it’s really the time investment that I should look at, and how I divide my time. I’d like to say “there’s not enough time left in the day” but in all reality, I often have too much, and get bored and don’t want to do things.

I have an ever expanding list of things to do, which include some of the following:

  • NECCS website — follow-up on the proposal, and hopefully complete the contract.
  • NECCS marketing proposal — we’ve got some ideas, now we just need to put them on paper.
  • WOLF website — contact the owners to get final payment, or take down the website; a task I never like doing.
  • Blue Rock Landscaping website — we’ve got some mocks sent to them, now we just need their approval, then we get to build the site.
  • Happy in Rush-Hour cover, website, marketing & more — yes, we have to get that done for Leanne so that she can launch her book and sell it to the world.
  • **** website & concept — I can’t divulge the information of the project, but I can definitely make some money at it, and I’ve had the idea for a bunch of years. Time to just do it!
  • website — I need to get in contact again with Louis B and get together so that we can get the movie & theatre review site going.
  • website — some general maintenance, tweaks & enhancements. Think I still owe Lite 96 a banner for the logo as well.
  • U of C Women’s Dinos Hockey website – get it done already!
  • And more… – I know that I’ve got more, and I’m forgetting a bunch of them. This always happens to me without my task board. Time to make an online one.

So, as you can see I have a number of projects on the go. On top of that I want to have a life, spend some time with my dogs, my girlfriend that I love, my brother and my friends — of course, not necessarily in the order that they appear. I’ve already got 33+ hours banked at work. I figure once I hit the 160 mark (which at this rate won’t take too long), then I’ll be able to take a full month off with pay, and add my vacation time of a couple of weeks to that, and I’m set for a six week vacation somewhere — like Australia for WARR I hope. That’s my plan, now to make it actually happen. Of course the more business that I can get coming in for SPRY Design Group, the better life will be. My brother wants to run with it full-time this summer, and I’m sure that if it goes good enough (which we all know it can), then I’d be willing to bet he’d continue at it, and forgo another volleyball season at SAIT…though I know he loves it. Guess that’s something we need to discuss, and probably will happen with the business chat this evening. We tend to do that on Wednesday evenings. (WC: 586)

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