Implementing multi-domains with #WordPress

I’m busy working on an idea, and it keeps growing and evolving each day. I’ll essentially be creating a portal of information, for lack of a better term. For this example lets go with running only 2 TLD domains. Something along the lines of & should work. These are not my domains, but illustrate the example I’m going after.

When the visitor goes to they will be presented with a landing page that has information for that particular region. I live in the province of Alberta, so let’s use that as a reference point. Some of the information will be aggregated information from the category. I live in Calgary, so think of it that way. Now I do say category because I’m that this will all be one WordPress install, with multiple domains. The URL structure would be on the main site. ( What I want to do is have someone that goes to be directed to the /city/another_category/article.html portion, however the resulting URL would appear as ( as it’s own domain.

I’ve explored WordPressMU and I’m not completely sold on it as the solution. I know that it can do domain forwarding with it’s sub-domain settings, but I still don’t believe it will populate correctly.

The other option would be to still have with links to categories, but it would then link off to,,, etc as needed.

The other issue is that each city might not have a domain. So city2 (let’s use Airdrie) might not have a domain. Without it would then be but if they decided to get a domain at some point, I’d want to be able to utilize that. I was initially thinking of simple domain forwarding (i.e. would just resolve to but don’t really feel that’s the best solution for branding and definitely SEO. The best way to take this forward is with a good keyword finder to find out the right words based on the target.

Thoughts on this? Am I clear? Am I off my rocker on what I’m trying to do? Does this make any sense at all? Oh, and of course I need a solution basically yesterday. Thanks in advance for your input.

Edit: I just came across Examiner and it’s similar to what I’m looking to do…but NOT what I’m doing, so I still need a solution.

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I want it shorter and I want it mine

I recently had asked about how to create my own URL shortener on Twitter and was pointed to a great post on with a tutorial. So I grabbed the latest version of the Link Shortcut plugin and went to town. Following along with the tutorial, the plugin was easily installed and configured — with the exception of having an error similar to the following.

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening '/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/link-shortcut/admin/' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php') in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/link-shortcut/admin/ on line 53

I was trying to figure out what the issue might be and simply determined the file was missing. So I dug through the archive of versions of the plugin, only to see it never existed. I got impatient and simply created a blank file and saved it as and uploaded it to the requested directory. Guess what? It worked! So I’m hopefully that when I Tweet this URL it’ll be nice and short and everything will work. Guess there’s only one way to find out!

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A new theme? Seriously WTF

I know that it’s been a while since I did anything decent to the layout of but I finally had to. I opened up the site in the old theme in IE and was presented with a huge mess. Nothing to be surprised by but it looks like the last revision the theme author made allowed for it even worse. The comment section was all but hidden. Form elements and graphics completely misaligned all over the page. So I quickly went in search of a new theme. I liked the them at ACalgaryBlog and had a look in the footer to find the source and went in search of a new theme. There are several that I liked but settled on the current one. It’s something simple and a basic change but I’d like to know your thoughts. There are definitely things that I’d like to change…but of course that’s when I have the time!

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The Money’s in the Shoe

A few years ago I stumbled upon an interesting image of a dude holding a Google AdSense payout cheque over $120,000 USD. Just Google it and I’m sure you’ll find it. Fast forward to recent history and we’ll look at the fact I hopped on board this Twitter thing. That’s when I managed to come across his site again. has been a regular site in my daily repetoir now…to the extent I even subscribed to his email list and ‘tweeted’ a bit with him on Twitter. It was actually thanks to a recent tweet that I found out about a webinar that he was putting on in conjunction with and didn’t hesitate to signup for it and boy am I glad I did.
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New theme launched

IAIAC ThemeWell in an effort to get a charitable site up and running quickly with minimal work I decided that Word Press was indeed the best application for the job. I sat down tonight at about 8:55 to get started on it with a Dos Equis in hand. Within three hours I came up with what I think isn’t that bad of a theme and it would be good for a poker site too! I’ll make some minor changes to it and perhaps release it as a theme.

I’m running 7 plug-ins right now with an extra one sitting in the inactive bin that will most likely get included too. AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget, Akismet, All in One SEO Pack, Bad Behavior, FormBuilder, Google XML Sitemaps & Maintenance Mode. Oh and that one sitting inactive, WP-Print.

It’s getting a little late right now, so I’ll link that plugins tomorrow…or just simply search for them. I just installed all of them (with the exception of Akismet) through the admin panel of Word Press without any issue. Take care, and party hard.

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