To my followers

To my almost 600 Twitter followers, I appreciate that you take a moment out of your busy day to possibly see something I’ve written or asked. I do have one simple question to ask you that I’m in desperate need of an answer to though:

Why do you follow me?

It’s a simple question and I’m sure the answer will be simple as well and I’m OK with that. Is it because you’ve met me in person either at work or a conference? Do you think I’m a funny guy? Do you hang on every single word I say to make you laugh? Do I give you help and/or advice? Just a few ideas for responses, but please let me know. Either send me a tweet or leave a comment below…please. It’ll take 5 seconds.

Thanks in advance.

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#smbyyc – now what?

This morning I took the opportunity to head out to the Calgary Social Media Breakfast. I figured it was time that I get out of the house and meet some people. I’ve never had an issue with networking in the past, but today I still didn’t feel like me. Either way it was great seeing presentations from Roger Kondrat of west17media and by Troy Wason of WMS Communications Inc. This was the first event like this that I’ve been to, and I’ll be heading back for sure. I didn’t get a chance to make too many connections, but I made enough for this time around.

That brings me to the “now what” part of the title. I’ve got these business cards in my possession as most other people do as well. What do you do with them? Well it’s been my practice that after any seminar or conference I hit, I head over to LinkedIn and add them right away. It’s really the place that professionals connect. If we missed each other then feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter – these are my two most popular methods to connect.

As a side note, it was great that Ken Guenther of McQ Design Strategies shared the following video with us on the evolution of social media. It’s one that I’ve seen before, but decided that I should post it here. It’s a quick watch, but a great one.

It’s truly interesting to see just how quickly Social Media has evolved in comparison to other mediums. It really does provide a large chance for another post or two around it. I guess I should just ask you a question around the actual post subject. What do you do with your business card collection after a conference?

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Happy Anniversary to me!

I knew that my one year anniversary for joining Twitter was coming up soon so I set out to find out when I joined. According to it was a year ago today! My how time flies. My good friend Lyndsay had been trying to get me to join for months. And I do mean months; not days or weeks—full on months. I was hesitant as I was already addicted to too many time wasters. As mentioned in a previous post, she turned me on to quite a few great people I have slowly gotten to know through conversation. Now I’m not sure how it seems I could live without it.

I’ve discussed web development concepts, including a few of my “big ideas” with people. Helped troubleshoot Mac OS X issues (which were actually Microsoft issues). Commented on running and even on my own first full-marathon. I’ve found some great SEO tips and genuinely had fun. In fact, thanks to Twitter and some goof ball on it, I managed to go to my first ever PubCon in Las Vegas back in November 2009. Let’s just say when registration opens for the 2010, I’ll be sure to book my space early so I can take in some of the sessions.

All in all, it’s been a pretty sweet year when I look back on Twitter and how it has positively impacted my life. It’s had a few negative moments too, but we won’t go there. So tell me, when did you join Twitter? Leave it in the comments below.

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Death to Smoochy

Well I guess that I would be considered Smoochy in this post. An online colleague friend of mine, @BrentDPayne, tweeted the other day “death to anyone that blogs a screenshot of my”…I guess now that’s me.screen-shot-2010-01-03-at-104903-pm
Now technically up to this point I haven’t actually done what Brent D Payne said will no doubt have impending death and doom, which would be to post a screen shot of his profile (you need an account to see it unfortunately).

Since you need an account to view it, I suppose I should just post the screen shot here. Now before you have a look at it, let me tell you what I know about Mr. Brent D. Payne that you may, or may not find in the profile.

I’ve never met the guy personally. It seems to be a trend lately. So everything I tell you is true observation of the guy I (don’t) know. It all starts as the fault of a friend of mine, Lyndsay Walker. She managed to finally convince me to hop onto this Twitter craze. Can you believe it’s almost been a year? Well it has. Lyndsay made me follow people she knew and respected like Kristy Bolsinger, Kate Morris, Joanna Lord (all four of them make up the SMEXIES), Taylor Pratt, Chris Hart, Scott Polk, Lee Odden, Lisa Barone and so many more. In fact somewhere along the way I found Mr. Payne. According to my Twitter profile log, he was the 11th person I followed…so we’ve gotten to know each other through conversation. (Yes Lyndsay was the first).

I digress. This post is about Brent D. Payne and what I know about him. Well he has a son Luke who he loves more than anything else in the world. Apparently, he has now graduated to an exclusive class of men, even though he’s a part of the #BaldSEOs group. Honestly the best thing about Brent is his sense of humor and his ability to always lend a helping hand…no matter the time of day it would seem. He’s also got a sweet setup and a nice voice too. If I were a chick woman I would be honored to go on a date with Brent. Based on some feedback I’ve read, he’s an awesome guy.

I can see that this post is really not going anywhere that I wanted it too. Apparently my funny just isn’t working today. I wanted to make this almost like a roast of Brent D. Payne but just can’t bring myself to do it. Bottom line, if you’re on and are female (he tells me he’s not interested in men) then by all means hit him up. Hopefully I won’t be a #deadmantweeting or worse…a dead man.

Now to stop the annoying emails from from coming to my inbox…but apparently I make a desirable female.

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I blame Microsoft…sort of.

Late last night I was sent a tweet from @CalgaryRealtorJim Sparrow, asking for some help for a colleague of his, @jolenta with a Mac related issue. Jim knows that I’ve got nothing but Mac’s at home, and no doubt with my Mac OS X – Snow Leopard upgrade post recently there’s definitely a clue there that I own one.

To make a long story short, it turns out the issue was that whenever a PDF was forwarded to any of Jolenta’s clients or colleagues on a Windows machine, the PDF was corrupt and un-viewable. Well it turned out that Entourage was the culprit.

Entourage preferences screen shotI’m working on getting a screen shot of the setting (since I don’t run Entourage as my email client) so that you can see the fix. Essentially if you’re running into the issue where you send a file attached to your email in Microsoft Entourage on Mac (obviously since it’s not available on that Windows system) and only Mac users can open it:

  1. You’ve picked the right users to have as friends and should encourage those with problems to make the switch
  2. You need to go into the Entourage preferences and adjust the attachment settings from “Mac (Binhex)” to “Any Computer (AppleDouble)”

I see this as a great example of just helping people out and what good the internet has given to the world. I’ve never met Jolenta, nor Jim, yet I made sure that the problem was solved because of trusted communications we’ve had online—in a virtual world essentially.

Have you helped anyone you’ve never met? I’ve even had clients that I’d never met. The world just keeps getting smaller.

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