Everything you wanted to know about SEO & SEM people

I’ve got something going on in my head. Most people consider that obvious, but to me it’s thought. And I’m starting to think a little more. I’m in the process of working on a new site at Marshall Stevenson.ca and have determined that it will be a little more professional in nature while keeping the 360aday.com site more personal. I know, it’s probably not the way you’d think it makes sense, but it’s how it makes sense to me as I work to personally brand myself a little better with the help of an seo company.

I’m wanting to try something a little different…even though it’s been done before to some extent so I learned from a realtor about the link leads, in this link theres more info https://growthgiants.co.uk/link-building-for-estate-agents/. I’m going to focus on people I know and have met in the SEO & SEM industries to start. It’s an area of interest to me and one that I’m passionate about. In fact what I’d like to do is a few interviews with them. That’s where you come in.

I’m looking to find out

  • Who you’d like me to interview
  • Questions you’d like me to ask
  • How often you think I should bug them
  • And anything else

I’m headed to SMX Advanced in Seattle at the beginning of June and there will be a lot of key people there…and I plan to chat with them.

I know you have questions and now’s your time to ask them. Please leave your questions and interview nominees as a comment or tweet them to me. I don’t think it’s a lot to ask but I hope you’ll help.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Alysson Says:

    You should interview Ruud Hein. He does so many interviews for Search Engine People, you’d think he’d be interviewed more. :)

  2. Q&A: Ruud Hein on Ruud Questions | marshallstevenson.ca Says:

    […] Ruud Hein on Ruud Questions by Marshall Stevenson | Q&A | A while back I had a thought to post some interviews on my blog so that I could begin to reach more people and it also gave me something to write about. […]

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