Adobe Creative Suite 5 preview

Today I was fortunate enough to be able to take some time out of my busy work day and get a sneak peak at Adobe Creative Suite 5 – or CS5 as it’s affectionately known. I showed up a little late but wasn’t too concerned as I knew there was still plenty of amazing content to cover. I sat through a preview of the Web Premium section and a little on the overall Master Collection and was amazed. They’ve got a great CS5 comparison chart on the Adobe website I recommend you check out.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 - CS5 is hereThe one feature in Photoshop CS5 that amazed me was the content aware fill. In the demo they took a man in front of a brick wall and made him disappear—no more clone tool. Apparently I missed the demo earlier where they made a horse disappear from a movie snippet in a meadow using the same technology. HOLY CRAP that’s amazing and will save a bunch of time.

Speaking of saving time, how about the ease of Adobe Flash Builder in the Web Premium package. It looks like they’ve really made it easy for essentially anyone to do some basic Flash animations. And the other cool part around the Flash export was there’s now an iPhone option as an export. It’s a well documented fact the iPhone doesn’t support Flash so this had the group talking. Well a little further investigation (into the demo) and it was briefly indicated that in fact it compiles it as an application. I just hope that Apple is ready for all those new apps that will hit the store for approval.

Now of course the biggest question was “what is the Adobe CS5 release date?” And of course there was no answer in the demo however the most accurate rumor that we could find, and it hasn’t been confirmed, is that Adobe will release Creative Suite 5 on April 30, 2010. That just means a few more weeks and we’ll truly see.

Pricing on CS5 starts at $1,299 for the Design Standard up to $2,599 for the Master Collection. Production Premium, Web Premium and Design Premium go for $1,699, $1,799 and $1,899 respectively. Considering that the value of the applications if purchased individually would range from $2,466 to $6,987 it definitely makes sense to get Adobe Creative Suite 5 in a creative suite bundle. So, have you got your copy ordered yet? If not, then order today!

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