To my followers

To my almost 600 Twitter followers, I appreciate that you take a moment out of your busy day to possibly see something I’ve written or asked. I do have one simple question to ask you that I’m in desperate need of an answer to though:

Why do you follow me?

It’s a simple question and I’m sure the answer will be simple as well and I’m OK with that. Is it because you’ve met me in person either at work or a conference? Do you think I’m a funny guy? Do you hang on every single word I say to make you laugh? Do I give you help and/or advice? Just a few ideas for responses, but please let me know. Either send me a tweet or leave a comment below…please. It’ll take 5 seconds.

Thanks in advance.

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One Response to “To my followers”

  1. redgilda Says:

    Hi there, I stumbled upon your twitter page the day I found out about the iDailyBooth iphone application and the page was not working so I tweeted at ya to let u know it was down and added you just then and somehow it stayed that way 😉

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