Death to Smoochy

Well I guess that I would be considered Smoochy in this post. An online colleague friend of mine, @BrentDPayne, tweeted the other day “death to anyone that blogs a screenshot of my”…I guess now that’s me.screen-shot-2010-01-03-at-104903-pm
Now technically up to this point I haven’t actually done what Brent D Payne said will no doubt have impending death and doom, which would be to post a screen shot of his profile (you need an account to see it unfortunately).

Since you need an account to view it, I suppose I should just post the screen shot here. Now before you have a look at it, let me tell you what I know about Mr. Brent D. Payne that you may, or may not find in the profile.

I’ve never met the guy personally. It seems to be a trend lately. So everything I tell you is true observation of the guy I (don’t) know. It all starts as the fault of a friend of mine, Lyndsay Walker. She managed to finally convince me to hop onto this Twitter craze. Can you believe it’s almost been a year? Well it has. Lyndsay made me follow people she knew and respected like Kristy Bolsinger, Kate Morris, Joanna Lord (all four of them make up the SMEXIES), Taylor Pratt, Chris Hart, Scott Polk, Lee Odden, Lisa Barone and so many more. In fact somewhere along the way I found Mr. Payne. According to my Twitter profile log, he was the 11th person I followed…so we’ve gotten to know each other through conversation. (Yes Lyndsay was the first).

I digress. This post is about Brent D. Payne and what I know about him. Well he has a son Luke who he loves more than anything else in the world. Apparently, he has now graduated to an exclusive class of men, even though he’s a part of the #BaldSEOs group. Honestly the best thing about Brent is his sense of humor and his ability to always lend a helping hand…no matter the time of day it would seem. He’s also got a sweet setup and a nice voice too. If I were a chick woman I would be honored to go on a date with Brent. Based on some feedback I’ve read, he’s an awesome guy.

I can see that this post is really not going anywhere that I wanted it too. Apparently my funny just isn’t working today. I wanted to make this almost like a roast of Brent D. Payne but just can’t bring myself to do it. Bottom line, if you’re on and are female (he tells me he’s not interested in men) then by all means hit him up. Hopefully I won’t be a #deadmantweeting or worse…a dead man.

Now to stop the annoying emails from from coming to my inbox…but apparently I make a desirable female.

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