I blame Microsoft…sort of.

Late last night I was sent a tweet from @CalgaryRealtorJim Sparrow, asking for some help for a colleague of his, @jolenta with a Mac related issue. Jim knows that I’ve got nothing but Mac’s at home, and no doubt with my Mac OS X – Snow Leopard upgrade post recently there’s definitely a clue there that I own one.

To make a long story short, it turns out the issue was that whenever a PDF was forwarded to any of Jolenta’s clients or colleagues on a Windows machine, the PDF was corrupt and un-viewable. Well it turned out that Entourage was the culprit.

Entourage preferences screen shotI’m working on getting a screen shot of the setting (since I don’t run Entourage as my email client) so that you can see the fix. Essentially if you’re running into the issue where you send a file attached to your email in Microsoft Entourage on Mac (obviously since it’s not available on that Windows system) and only Mac users can open it:

  1. You’ve picked the right users to have as friends and should encourage those with problems to make the switch
  2. You need to go into the Entourage preferences and adjust the attachment settings from “Mac (Binhex)” to “Any Computer (AppleDouble)”

I see this as a great example of just helping people out and what good the internet has given to the world. I’ve never met Jolenta, nor Jim, yet I made sure that the problem was solved because of trusted communications we’ve had online—in a virtual world essentially.

Have you helped anyone you’ve never met? I’ve even had clients that I’d never met. The world just keeps getting smaller.

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