SEO Challenge

This idea just popped in my head and I’m sure that something like this has been done before, but I want to see what can really be done, and have some learning in the process for myself and for readers. I’ve been watching, though not actively doing, the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog challenge and realized I had done a lot of the steps already. That said, I do have a page I think I could rank quite well for on this site. I’m talking first page results here people.

Task: Get the page at to rank for the search keywords of calgary radio stations and display first page results in Google. Now the task sounds like it may be a tall one, but I’m hoping it can happen with your help.

Solution: I’ve just started the #SEOChallenge on Twitter to help get the ball rolling (I hope) and am open to all sorts of suggestions to help me out. So to all you “SEO Experts” out there please leave a comment or Tweet me with some ideas and input. I’m confident with your help I can get this done.

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Finally I’m quote worthy

It’s true what you read in the title. Today I was quoted in a blog post about Annoying Habits in Social Media thanks to @kristy. Last night she sent out a quick Tweet asking for input so I replied. It’s amazing how following a few interesting people begins to open horizons to other things being possible. Of course, there are other things I still need to complete for others. Then of course there’s all my stuff still too.

Alas, today is a better day as I was finally quoted. Thanks Kristy and anytime you need more, just ask! 😉

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