A burnin’ desire

It’s been a desire of ours for the last while to go for some good sushi. You may remember our visit to Kinjo Sushi and how great that was. Well today for dinner we had a friend in from out of town and decided it was time to try Globefish Sushi. There were 6 of us in total, including my 8½ month old daughter. We got there just before 5:00 when they opened and were amazed there was already a line…definitely a good sign. They opened the door promptly at 5:00 and we were seated quickly even though we were still waiting on one person. The place filled up quickly and within about 15 minutes there were already people waiting to be seated.

The menu was easy to read and definitely had a Calgary influence, including an Alberta Roll (beef rolled sushi). I opted for the Flames Roll Combo which was spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll and spicy California roll as well as a 7-piece salmon sashimi. There were other options like the Iginla roll, Flames Sushi Combo and more. It wasn’t until I left that I noticed all the autographed Calgary Flames photos on the wall…no doubt frequented by a lot of them. The service overall was pretty good, though nothing quite compares to the owner coming around offering free sushi samples. His recommendation on saki was bang on (it really just tasted like apple juice – even though it was made with plums) and everyone enjoyed their food. Even my 8½ had some teriyaki chicken and a few edamame beans. The price wasn’t that bad and with tip averaged out to roughly $36 a person…not including my 8½ month old.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend checking out Globefish Sushi in Calgary. We went to the one in Kensington however they have another one in Marda Loop. I look forward to eating there again.

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Text ad serving without scripts

So I’ve just been tasked with developing a quick application to serve some text ads to a third-party website. The catch is that this third-party site has nothing available. No PHP. No CFM. No ASP. No JavaScript allowed. So now what’s a guy to do? Well the search is definitely on. I’ll be developing the application on a platform of PHP & MySQL…this is the easy part. The challenging part now is to serve it and I’m not seeing a lot of viable options.

Option 1: Use an IFRAME. Not my preferred choice but perhaps the only real viable option. The IFRAME can contain a JavaScript snippet to resize the opening as required to accommodate the text, and of course the page will also display the text and style the IFRAME. A challenging implementation, but definitely a solution.

Option 2: Use an image and dynamically create the text ad as an image. The issue with this comes around the fact that the text will not be selectable and more importantly font styles and formats may not match. It violates aspects of CSS.

Option 3: Simply have the client place the text and links on their own to the website and just use an outbound tracking link that will record the hit. No way to track impressions, just outbound clicks. This option just came to me and a hybrid of this option and option 2 might work with creating a transparent 1×1 GIF and having it record the impression. The only issue doing it this way is there is NO control over deployment, expiration or randomization.

Option 4: Screw it. Tell the client there’s no way it will happen!

OK, so those four options (with number 3 coming after 4 in all honesty) are my plausible solutions. What are your thoughts? Oh, and I only have a 24 hour time frame to get this done as well…I knew there was something I forgot to mention! Thanks in advance.

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No More Mondays!

It’s no coincidence that today is Monday and I’m working towards freedom from Mondays. I’m currently reading the book No More Mondays: Fire Yourself — and Other Revolutionary Ways to Discover Your True Calling at Work by Dan Miller. An associate of mine had it sitting on his desk and told me it’d be the perfect book for me to read based around some of my observations and outlooks on life. So after putting my daughter to bed I’ve been doing my best to read for about an hour before sleep and look at some of the ideas and concepts. It covers a lot of information that I’ve heard and read in other places so I have a grasp on the concepts…however there are some very interesting points in No More Mondays that I have yet to find in other books. Based on some stuff that happened to a friend recently it made me realize just how insecure every job is. With the “impending recession” gloom and loom, working differently is I think the smartest way of doing things. I would encourage her to read the book as well as you. So if you’re looking for something non-technical to read that can help reshape your thought process around work/life balance and ideas, I’d highly recommend picking up No More Mondays: Fire Yourself — and Other Revolutionary Ways to Discover Your True Calling at Work immediately!

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I Have a Millionaire Mind!

Back in December I put in for a few purchases at Amazon.ca to get some Christmas gifts for others. I hate paying shipping while being only a few dollars away from actually qualifying for free shipping (smart marketing move Amazon). So I decided to purchase Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind audio CD as well as the Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind book. I have yet to read the book but ripped the CD in iTunes and converted it to an audio book to listen to on my iPhone. It’s three hours long and I’m happy to say that in a weeks time of commuting I’ve finished listening to it and all I have to say is WOW!! I thought I knew stuff before, but I don’t…I’ve heard and read stuff before. If I truly knew it I’d be financially free already. I intend to re-listen to it again in a couple of weeks and follow through with all of the activities and exercises in the book and audio. I would definitely recommend adding this to your library.

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Does the Sukerfish suck?

A project I’m working on has a multi-level menu system. The one we’re currently using is a hacked up version of something old school that requires heavy JavaScript code to do browser detects, redraws and more. No I’m serious…it’s 442 lines of code in an ultimately powerful JavaScript file that’s just shy of 2300 lines…and most of it has been optimized and minified. So I went on my search to find another solution. Something more CSS based that our wonderful search engines will pickup on a little more effectively. I came across the Suckerfish Menu from A List Apart. Most of their stuff is really solid, and this tutorial doesn’t fall short of expectations. That being said after a little more fun with Google I came across Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns and immediately became intrigued. Both examples utilize a small chunk of JavaScript code (12-17 lines) a far cry from the 442 lines. For some reason it seems that the Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns works better, faster and is easier to implement. So I’m going to run through it and tweak it to my liking and specific needs.

It does post a question to ponder though…is there anything better, and if it doesn’t suck so much, why call it Suckerfish?

EDIT: Moments after posting this I suddenly realized that I’m also using jQuery already, so maybe there’s an easier way! I hit a quick Google search and sure enough there’s a jQuery Suckerfish Menu. Poking around a little more though and there’s a Superfish Menu – Suckerfish on ‘roids apparently. Maybe I’ll have to try them both. Any other suggestions?

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