Customer service is still alive at Kinjo Sushi!

even though the pregnancy is done, the cravings apparently still happen. Today there was a doctors appointment (everything is good) and we were right near Kinjo Sushi where the cravings have been for months. I was initially hesitant looking to try sushi from a place that is in a renovated doughnut shop but was pleasantly surprised upon entering with a friendly greeting. There was a short wait for us as we wanted a table as opposed to the bar but even with that seating was quick.

That’s when it really all started. Once we were seated our server gave us complimentary sushi samples on the house! They were great a d quick with our drink order. When we ordered Coke they were quick to ask if Pepsi was OK with us. Then while we were waiting for our food, Peter Kinjo came out on the floor to chat with his clients. He offered even more complimentary items to us while we were waiting and they were awesome. We had so much food for under $40 that we had to take some with us. It was truly the first time in a long time that tipping was well worth it as opposed to an expectation.

So a great big recommendation to you to head to Kinjo Sushi on Macleod Trail in Calgary and expect some great sushi at a great price with great friendly service! I’m not the biggest sushi fan but I definitely am looking forward to dining at Kinjo Sushi agaian…maybe I’ll have to take their sushi making lessons.

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