Laptop or is it Lap Top?

I got into a wonderful discussion the other day with an associate about his Apple PowerBook (a great machine of course). He nailed himself in the head with it. Something came up with the fact about the name of it being a laptop. Again, truly a “you had to be there” moment, but it went something like this…

“Man, this thing fits on my lap so nicely. Actually, on top of my lap. It’s like a lap top or something.”

“But why is it a laptop? Wouldn’t a top lap or top of lap make even more sense? I mean, really it’s on the top of your lap?!”

“No. It’s called a lap top (or maybe laptop — he said it fast). The guy that came up with it is just a pure genious. You really should give him credit where credit is due. I mean, without the laptop, then there’s just simply be a portable computer, and we all know that’s a PC, which is actually a personal computer, so then the world would really get messed up and come to a grinding halt and there’d be no Y2K virus, or Web 2.0 or any “get rich quick online” schemes, or anything like that. You’d have to use an abicus to do math, and then you’d be wearing one of those crazy toga things like you see in the movies like Animal House.

Speaking of Animal House and togas, did you know that the togas used were actually just bed sheets? You know, most togas at frat parties with half naked, hot, beer drinking, body shotting girls are just simply the bed sheets that they pulled off their beds?!”

“Man, you’re one crazy guy! Did you know that? I’m going to have to blog about this!”

And so I am. As a note to him, it didn’t quite go down that way, but I definitely heard it that way and expanded on it in my head. All in all though, it was a very productive meeting. Thanks so much for it. I look forward to spending your money once I get that proposal together for you, and get that revolutionary idea together for you. You want to make a measly $2 million at it…I shun that. Let’s think about a way to change that ‘m’ into a ‘b’ and then we’re really off and running!!

As a side note, good luck Lyndsay on your surgery…

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