On-call shenanigans

I have the ‘privilege’ of being on a rotating on-call schedule with my team at my ‘real job’ and this week is the first week I’ve had to carry around the BlackBerry. Our team is so awesome and things are so solid that it’s rare we get a call unless Mother Nature decides to drop something on us. So confident I tweeted about it.

Well I'm carrying the BlackBerry for the week 24x7 now. Confident it won't ring!

Tuesday night was good. It didn’t ring. Wednesday, not so great. Let’s set the scene. A smokin’ hot fiancee who has to be in the office for a 7:00 am meeting which means a wake up before 6:00. A 13 month old asleep in her own room. Me, over tired and exhausted but in bed at a decent 10:30 pm. Fast forward to 12:53 am while we’re all dead asleep. I wake to this annoying ring, but at least now I know what the on-call phone ring sounds like. I see the number and it’s indeed a 403 area code — the same as where I work & live. I answer with what I thought was a wide awake sounding “hello” to which I receive dead air. “Hello. Hello? Yeah this is Marshall, web business on-call.” Still no answer, dead air. Then an ear shattering beep in my ear indicate new voice mail. I must’ve been a little slow to answer.

After a few rings of the phone and now the ear shattering beep, said smokin’ hot fiancee begins to stir. “Oh crap” I think to myself. “Can’t have her wake and I really don’t want to get out of bed.” So I dial into voice mail. Thank goodness the password is easy (yes, it’s 1-2-3-4)…presumably so we can remember at the hours normal people are asleep.

Well thankfully the voice mail is NOT from work. I believe they’re human, but their antics may preclude them from having a certain level of intelligence that I want to classify them in that category. Here’s the message.

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My first thought is this is one of my co-workers playing a dirty prank on me. Then I realized that there’s no way any of them (specifically this one McMullen guy) could ever change his voice to be that annoying. So I laid there in a daze trying to figure out what to do.

  • Call this guy back and tear him a new one? No, from the sounds of it he’d like that.
  • Go downstairs, call him back and tell him how drunk he must be? No, then I have to move.
  • Lay here and do nothing but go back to sleep. YES, sounds great.

So I went back to sleep. My smokin’ hot fiancee got up on time (yes her alarm work me too) and got to her meeting on time as well. I on the other hand just wanted to sleep, and sleep I did. I woke a little late, but still managed to get to work at a respectable time. I then remembered the “call” last night. I also remembered his phone number wasn’t blocked. Hopped online and punched it into Google. 403-764-7… BOOM! There it is. Some guy’s selling his Toshiba laptop on Kijiji.ca and included his number.

Now is where I have my dilemma. Do I call the guy and ask him about his laptop then break into asking if someone died last night while his sister was sleeping and his bunk boyfriend went to bed? Do I do nothing? Do I attempt to make something bigger out of this then it really is? Oh what to do, what to do? There’s honestly so much out of this I could soap box about. Like seriously, you hope I die in your sisters sleep?! Apparently he really does love me (or one of the other three guys that get the phone each month).

Tell me what to do? What would you do to have fun with this guy (and no, not in the booty call way this call was clearly about).

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WestJet talks Twitter

It’s no secret the other week that WestJet jumped into the Social Media game officially re-activating it’s Twitter account. The first to go off was a Twitter only promo code used in conjunction with a contest offering followers a FREE flight from anywhere in Canada WestJet flies from, to anywhere in Canada where they fly.

Last week I managed to stumble across a few clips that aired on Saskatoon’s News Talk 650 – CKOM radio station. I’ve added them in for your listen below.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

I find it interesting that Mr. Bartrem indicates they took a unique approach using traditional media to get the new media noticed. A method that more companies will most likely exploit. In just over two weeks WestJet has more then doubled it’s follower account (currently sitting at 4,484). Still a far cry from Southwest Air or JetBlue.

On a separate note, last night JetBlue decided to begin its segregation plan and launched a new Twitter account for specific ‘Cheep’ deals (obviously a play on the word tweet).

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Toxic Waste consumption can be enjoyable!

The conversation yesterday in the office surround some retro things. Everything from Jury Duty with Pauly Shore to sour soother (some times called sour key) candy. Gail decided to mention that the cool thing in her twelve year old’s school was Toxic Waste. I immediately thought they must be like Warheads but according to her description, they were to be the most sour candies in the world. After reading “Steve, Don’t Eat It” the other day I figured, why not?

So today she brought in the Toxic Waste. Upon opening the packaging the candies looked very similar to Warheads. I knew this would be easy so popped in the first lemon one. Often the most sour of sour, lemon ranks the highest. Well, no issue so I decided to add another without concern. Her face was agape in awe as I didn’t break a sweat. So with me being the guinea pig, a few got passed around the office with similar reaction. Tt was time to put one in her mouth. She lasted not even 15 seconds so according to the Toxic Waste canister, she’s a “Total Wuss!

That’s when it struck me. I’d finish the container. Unfortunately there were only seven left to munch on. Some quick un-packaging and I slammed them back like a shooter. I’ll admit, I feel a little warm, but the sour, no way. The packaging says if you can keep one in your mouth for 60 seconds, then you rate as a “Full Toxie Head!” I’m wondering what the rank of seven for that long would be? My guess is “stupid idiot” or something like that. Well it would seem that after pounding nine Toxic Waste candies in a matter of minutes I’m still alive…though honestly not feeling present! Additionally I found out the twelve year old kids think they’re cool keeping two in their mouth for sixty seconds. Gail confirmed this with a text to her daughter informing her that I managed to put seven Toxic Waste candies in my mouth at once. The text that came back simply was “oh wow, crazy” (though probably missing punctuation and spelled wrong).

Tomorrow’s challenge will be the whole container, brand new. My only concern is actually fitting them all in my mouth. On the canister in fine print is indicates “WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD”…I guess so with that many in there!

Oh and the reward for this? A Starbucks tomorrow. The reward for tomorrow’s entire canister of Toxic Waste is still TBD. Stay tuned if you have nothing better to do.

As a last thought, tell me what it would take for you to consume 1.7 oz. (48g) of pure, Toxic Waste.

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A new theme? Seriously WTF

I know that it’s been a while since I did anything decent to the layout of 360aday.com but I finally had to. I opened up the site in the old theme in IE and was presented with a huge mess. Nothing to be surprised by but it looks like the last revision the theme author made allowed for it even worse. The comment section was all but hidden. Form elements and graphics completely misaligned all over the page. So I quickly went in search of a new theme. I liked the them at ACalgaryBlog and had a look in the footer to find the source and went in search of a new theme. There are several that I liked but settled on the current one. It’s something simple and a basic change but I’d like to know your thoughts. There are definitely things that I’d like to change…but of course that’s when I have the time!

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What’s your “Out of Office” say?

A few weeks ago I went on a vacation to Maui. And like every time I visit Maui it was truly beautiful and wonderful. So much so that I found my house but now need to figure out how to purchase it. In my absence from “the day job” I needed to setup an Out of Office alert as a courtesy to those who emailed me looking for me to do some work (like that would happen on vacation). Well it actually did with an early morning text message, but that’s a different story.

I was tired and bored of the “normal” Out of Office notifications and wanted to customize mine a bit. So here’s what I sent out.

Hey, you emailed me?

I’m currently Out of Office until Wednesday, April 22 soaking up the sun, sand, surf and golf on the island of Maui in the Pacific. Essentially I will have no access to email and phone. So for all matter related to WestJet Vacations, please don’t hesitate to contact Sean McXXXXXXXXX at smcXXXXX@XXXXXXXX.com or 403-5XX-XXXX…he’s looking forward to helping you out with your problem. Of course, he’s not a trained psychologist so you may not want to entirely take his advice or attempted prescribed cures.

If you don’t take his suggestions, then you might as well take a vacation to cure your woes. Check out the newly designed WestJet Vacations website at http://content.westjetvacations.com/main.php and let us know what you think. I spent way too much time working on it in lots of meetings, focus groups and of course my mind. That’s really why I need to go on vacation. My mind has already left, so now I’m trying to go find it. Did I mention I’m going to Maui? Enjoy your time without me and I’ll reply to any outstanding (but not mediocre) emails upon my return.



So that simple message got me thinking. Surely there are some GREAT Out of Office alerts floating around this thing we call the internet. I’m curious to know the content (and a little context) of some great messages you’ve received. Please leave them here.

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