Why I shouldn’t win Shoemoney’s contest

A few days ago this guy known as Shoemoney sent an email to his reader list giving them advance notice he’d be running a Crazy Affiliate Summit West Contest again. It was a heads up on an amazing opportunity (so yeah, subscribe to his email already). Since then I’ve been giving it some thought about how I would approach it. I chatted with my good buddy Lyndon Reid (he’s the guy who won it last year) about some ideas and to see if he thought I should. He told me to go for it. I’ve also determined the 2011 will be the year of actually doing things.

Well here I am, at the 11th hour (technically it’s only 10:00 pm where I am) and I’ve got to get a post up and in. I was really hoping to submit just a blank page but thought I needed some more originality. So I give to you the reasons why I shouldn’t win.

1) I might not get the time off from work. It’s true that the day job still pays my bills, so I will have to clear it with them first. If I can’t get the time off though, I’m sure that Lyndon would be happy to go in my place. I’ve got some connections to some cheap airfare.

2) I joined the Shoemoney System early on (yes, that’s an affiliate link – do you think I’m dumb). I haven’t really done much with it, but it has definitely made me think. And yes Jeremy, I have watched the videos and done some activities but it was the version 1.0. I’d suggest the 2.0 version is likely better.

3) I’ve met, though briefly, the likes of Jeremy Schoemaker, DK and other brilliant internet marketing minds. I’d love to get a chance to sit and actually chat with them.

4) I won’t be like everyone else and ask everyone “how they did it?” This thing called Google; you might have heard of it? Well, that will tell me how they’ve done it. So Jeremy if you’re looking for someone to just ask you to repeat everything else you’ve always said, then it’s not me.

5) I enjoy playing Blackjack. It’s true. I even tried to do a really bad affiliate site about Winning Blackjack Strategies that I’ve made nothing off of. I have made some coin from the Adobe Creative Suite 5 though using some AdSense. I’m sure I could’ve made at least 10x as much had I looked to Facebook Ads.

So that’s it in a nutshell. The time has come where I need to post this. Hopefully I make it through round one and will have a chance to post some more. Maybe I can even convince Lyndon to have Mama Reid shotgun another beer; now wouldn’t that be cool!

Here’s the video from last year that will no doubt be better this year, I just won’t be able to rock the suit jackets as nicely.

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The @ShoeMoney System & me

I’ve been meaning to write this review and insight of the ShoeMoney System for quite some time, but have felt as though I’ve been too busy to actually put any thought into a quality post. Something I’m trying to do more of. Quality over quantity (which goes somewhat against my 2010 goals). There’s no doubt that you’re probably wondering “what is the ShoeMoney System” and more importantly, why do I care.

Let me backup a little bit and give you some history. Just over a year ago I joined Twitter and began adding friends and just getting lost in various users through other peoples tweets. I stumbled across this guy who went by the name “ShoeMoney” and was intrigued. I read his bio (always something good to have if you want Twitter followers), and clicked through to his website. Well it was at this point in seeing his Google Adsense check for $132,994.97 that I realized I’d seen this bum guy before when doing some research. I started reading his blog and found out a little bit more about him. I got so lost and mezmerized that I almost forgot to follow @ShoeMoney on Twitter.

It all made sense on the “ShoeMoney” name. Jeremy Shoemaker, who coincidentally doesn’t make shoes, was a money making machine. Jeremy Schoemaker (the correct spelling of his last name) and I had several conversations on Twitter about a few things here and there. If he only knew how excited I was that an “online celebrity” was tweeting with me in conversation (kind of like what just happened with Lisa Barone & Rae Hoffman).

Well I’ve followed him ever since and in November of 2009 had the privilege to meet him and have a quick chat at DK‘s Purpose Inc. poker tournament at PubCon Las Vegas. (I really actually need to thank my friends Lyndsay Walker & Lyndon Reid for making that trip happen). It was a quick, but friendly chat. Shoe, as his friends apparently refer to him (not sure I can get away with it—yet), was friendly and approachable. I’m glad that my gut instinct was right through only some select tweets.

Fast forward to a few months ago and Jeremy was getting ready to launch the ShoeMoney System. The teaser videos were awesome and because I had the chance to chat with Jeremy in person, I knew that any content he would produce would be first rate. I was hooked. I watched the previews, signed up on the mailing list, joined a webinar and even signed up as an affiliate to promote the ShoeMoney System. YES, I was sure it was going to be that good. The price came down and calculating it with incentives and bonus gifts, Jeremy was actually going to be paying me to take the ShoeMoney System. Only 500 students were going to be accepted so I was going to act fast. Alas I had to cough up some cash up front, which makes perfect sense, but I wasn’t in a position to do so. It’s not that expensive—just $197USD a month for twelve months. That’s a screaming deal…but I just wasn’t there.

A couple of weeks ago some clients of SPRY had finally paid up their account and to my surprise the unthinkable happened. The ShoeMoney System was re-opened to new students. NOW was my chance to get in on the content the ShoeMoney System could offer. I didn’t hesitate and signed up right away. There was no chance the system was going to fill up and close without me being in it for a second time.

It was one week ago today that I got on board. I blew through the first couple of videos as I’d seen one as the teaser and the other was fairly high-level. I was eager to get more videos and they seemed quite slow. That is until now that I realized it’s only been one week and I’ve had an extra two. The pace seems good with a “real job” going on, family life, travel, etc. I’ve got a bunch of experience in the web design/development area and have briefly touched on some affiliate marketing concepts (yes, the site is about winning blackjack strategies) and even a bit of SEO (again, thanks Lyndsay). I eagerly await a new video and email from the ShoeMoney System every day so that I can work towards my goal to generate $80,000 online by September 15.

I’ll be keeping you posted with my progress and any information that I feel like sharing. I know that with Shoemoney and his team creating and testing the content, that there’s no better course out there for a beginner or advanced user or anywhere in between. My recommendation to you is to figure it out, get the cash and just enroll in the ShoeMoney System TODAY! Tomorrow, you can thank me for it.

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