So you want to know about me? Well, my name is Marshall Stevenson and currently call Calgary, Alberta, Canada my home. I work in the ‘creative’ world running my own company, SPRY Design Group Inc. as well as my real job working on the WestJet Vacations website for WestJet. I’ve been doing web design and development since 1995. It’s pretty scary to think that it’s already been 13 years. Even scarier is that I’ve been doing graphic design and page layout since 1991 when I was a mere teenager in junior high school. Thanks to my neighbour running The Ad Studio out of his basement, I had the opportunity to begin what has become a life long career in design. That said, my life still has plenty left to it.

I’ve had this blog and domain for quite some time. The domain comes from 360 a day. It was initially geared towards creating something that would allow for true passive, residual income. The goal was, and still is to generate $360 per day without really lifting a finger. $360 a day is $2,520 a week or $10,950 a month or $131,400 a year. A lot of people probably think that it’s impossible but in all honesty, anything is possible. $360 a day is only an hourly rate of $45 on an average 8 hour day. Now take into consideration that I’m looking to have this as passive income (i.e. little to no work required) and that really works out to $15 per hour (360/24 = 15). In fact one of my affirmations talks about the fact that “I am currently in the process of creating in excess of $60,000 per month of passive income.” Do the math on that for some fun and call me when you reach it! Of course reading Tim Ferriss’ “4-Hour Workweek” made me want it even more.

The dream of creating that passive income hasn’t left, but the direction of the site shifted a little. I was then moving towards the thought of burning 360 calories a day. I’m a little pudgy and fitness is something that is always on people’s mind. I was going to setup a way to track my personal results online and hope for the encouragement of my following to push me along on my journey to success. I’m happy to say that over the last few weeks I’ve already managed to shed 20 pounds thanks to the South Beach Diet. I had great success with it a few years back when planning a trip to Hawaii and decided to check it out again before my trip to Vegas.

After thinking about 360aday.com I determined that I wanted to be a writer. Part of it was stemmed from Personal Best Seminars, part of it from dealing with the author of “Reframe Your Blame, How to Be Personally Accountable” and part of just because it felt right. Well, the only way to write the “Great Canadian Novel” would be to begin writing. It’s still in the mix of my affirmations however I’ve shifted my focus and desires a little. I’ll need to crack open the iBook again to re-record some newer versions to include the ship I’d like. Back to the task, I thought that writing a minimum 360 words a day would make me a better writer. It was hard to continuously write about something every day and before long it slipped away and the site went dormant for quite some time.

Recently I started posting again. I gave it a new theme, upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and began to post on a regular, irregular basis. There’s no real direction or obligation to post currently. I post about life, various ramblings and other pointless thoughts I have. My plan is to continue to post regularly. I have no clue if there are people that follow my site or even look at it. Perhaps some do? Certainly I haven’t had any comments for a while. So I’ll continue to write about almost anything on here but have decided to focus it more towards the positive things in life. I recently re-watched The Secret. It’s a movie really about the Law of Attraction. I’m going to begin to concentrate more on attracting the things into my life that I want. It has definitely worked for me in the past and there is only reason to believe that it will work again.

So that’s the life span of 360aday.com in a nutshell (or blog post). I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions but most importantly for all of my wants and desires to be met. Have an amazing day…every one truly is.