Just when I thought I wouldn’t

I haven’t shared it as a public goal for this year but I guess I am now. I’m looking to write something every day this year on one of many blogs I either already write on, will be launching or just guest blogging in places. My problem is I want the posts to be useful and not just minute bits of info. I’ve got Twiter for that.

So that brings this first post of 2010. I was going to write about the usual stuff like goal setting, visualizations and resolutions, but I think eeryone else has that covered. So this post is going to be about the poor use of audio on the web.

While trying to get my little one down for the night, her mother was in the office looking at sites for our next Hawaii vacation in Honolulu…in April most likely. Earlier today we had been listening to the 2009 wrap up by Skillz (DJ Jazzy Jeffs DJ) and had left the audio, shall we say, a little cranked. She was of course using Google to start her search and came across something promising on bookit.com so decide to click. Suddenly there was a loud male voice thanking us for visiting bookit.com and that we could call their toll-free number to book. Luckily she was quick on the draw and hit the mute button on the keyboard.

Really the use of audio on a site that has nothing to do with audio makes no sense. In a corporate environment most systems either don’t have audio or if they do, have it muted by default. When I surf to radio stations even they don’t have it on by default.

So what are your thoughts on the use of audio on a website. When should they, if at all, be used?

Ps. Happy 2010!

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  1. John Says:

    So, first, auto-play MIDI–which I still stumble across from time to time–should earn real-world beatings.

    All other auto-play audio should just earn very quick “back” clicks. There’s no reason for auto-play audio or video of any kind, in any circumstance.

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