A new theme? Seriously WTF

I know that it’s been a while since I did anything decent to the layout of 360aday.com but I finally had to. I opened up the site in the old theme in IE and was presented with a huge mess. Nothing to be surprised by but it looks like the last revision the theme author made allowed for it even worse. The comment section was all but hidden. Form elements and graphics completely misaligned all over the page. So I quickly went in search of a new theme. I liked the them at ACalgaryBlog and had a look in the footer to find the source and went in search of a new theme. There are several that I liked but settled on the current one. It’s something simple and a basic change but I’d like to know your thoughts. There are definitely things that I’d like to change…but of course that’s when I have the time!

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One Response to “A new theme? Seriously WTF”

  1. Smiley Says:

    I like! The torn-page effect adds some interesting texture. Also like the different colored widgets in the separate columns. I find too many widgets to be overbearing, but the differing colors totally helps to break it up and make it easier for the eye to follow.

    All in all, a nice change, I think!

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