Here we run again

runnersI woke up this morning realizing that I’ve got just over 4 weeks left until the half marathon I’m planning to run. Yikes! A while back I posted about training for it and well, due to various blisters, injuries and a lack of motivation I just haven’t really trained for it. Alas now I have to. I’m determined to beat my personal worst of 2:30 and change. That was five years ago with minimal training.

Today I decided to head out for a quick run over lunch and was happy I did. The path around the airport is nice and open with sun beating down, slight hills and elevation changes, and a fox to watch out for. Unfortunately returning to the office wasn’t so much fun as my left heal has once again begun to sport a blister. Crappy. So now this weekend is about heading out to buy new shoes. I suppose that it makes sense when I think about the miles these shoes have logged. I think they’re the same ones that ran the half marathon those five years ago. Not to mention they’ve hit a 5k in Amsterdam and even a quick run in Maui. Of course I’m hoping to run a full marathon in Hawaii later this year so new shoes will definitely be needed. It’ll be my first and based on vacation time and budgets I’m just not sure it will happen, but it’s still a goal. So this weekend I won’t be raising a glass of beer (I split 104+ last weekend with my brother) to toast it, but please feel to raise yours in honor of me! Happy running.

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A new theme? Seriously WTF

I know that it’s been a while since I did anything decent to the layout of but I finally had to. I opened up the site in the old theme in IE and was presented with a huge mess. Nothing to be surprised by but it looks like the last revision the theme author made allowed for it even worse. The comment section was all but hidden. Form elements and graphics completely misaligned all over the page. So I quickly went in search of a new theme. I liked the them at ACalgaryBlog and had a look in the footer to find the source and went in search of a new theme. There are several that I liked but settled on the current one. It’s something simple and a basic change but I’d like to know your thoughts. There are definitely things that I’d like to change…but of course that’s when I have the time!

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What’s your “Out of Office” say?

A few weeks ago I went on a vacation to Maui. And like every time I visit Maui it was truly beautiful and wonderful. So much so that I found my house but now need to figure out how to purchase it. In my absence from “the day job” I needed to setup an Out of Office alert as a courtesy to those who emailed me looking for me to do some work (like that would happen on vacation). Well it actually did with an early morning text message, but that’s a different story.

I was tired and bored of the “normal” Out of Office notifications and wanted to customize mine a bit. So here’s what I sent out.

Hey, you emailed me?

I’m currently Out of Office until Wednesday, April 22 soaking up the sun, sand, surf and golf on the island of Maui in the Pacific. Essentially I will have no access to email and phone. So for all matter related to WestJet Vacations, please don’t hesitate to contact Sean McXXXXXXXXX at or 403-5XX-XXXX…he’s looking forward to helping you out with your problem. Of course, he’s not a trained psychologist so you may not want to entirely take his advice or attempted prescribed cures.

If you don’t take his suggestions, then you might as well take a vacation to cure your woes. Check out the newly designed WestJet Vacations website at and let us know what you think. I spent way too much time working on it in lots of meetings, focus groups and of course my mind. That’s really why I need to go on vacation. My mind has already left, so now I’m trying to go find it. Did I mention I’m going to Maui? Enjoy your time without me and I’ll reply to any outstanding (but not mediocre) emails upon my return.



So that simple message got me thinking. Surely there are some GREAT Out of Office alerts floating around this thing we call the internet. I’m curious to know the content (and a little context) of some great messages you’ve received. Please leave them here.

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SEO Challenge

This idea just popped in my head and I’m sure that something like this has been done before, but I want to see what can really be done, and have some learning in the process for myself and for readers. I’ve been watching, though not actively doing, the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog challenge and realized I had done a lot of the steps already. That said, I do have a page I think I could rank quite well for on this site. I’m talking first page results here people.

Task: Get the page at to rank for the search keywords of calgary radio stations and display first page results in Google. Now the task sounds like it may be a tall one, but I’m hoping it can happen with your help.

Solution: I’ve just started the #SEOChallenge on Twitter to help get the ball rolling (I hope) and am open to all sorts of suggestions to help me out. So to all you “SEO Experts” out there please leave a comment or Tweet me with some ideas and input. I’m confident with your help I can get this done.

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Finally I’m quote worthy

It’s true what you read in the title. Today I was quoted in a blog post about Annoying Habits in Social Media thanks to @kristy. Last night she sent out a quick Tweet asking for input so I replied. It’s amazing how following a few interesting people begins to open horizons to other things being possible. Of course, there are other things I still need to complete for others. Then of course there’s all my stuff still too.

Alas, today is a better day as I was finally quoted. Thanks Kristy and anytime you need more, just ask! 😉

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