That’s crappy!

SO today I had the chance to be in the men’s washroom to take care of some business. This is a good thing, as I’m male and not permitted in the women’s bathroom…but that’s a different story not yet told. Anyways, as I was in there two other guys came in to do their business. One guy left rather quickly. The second however is a different story. He arrived shortly after the first guy and his BlackBerry was busy vibrating. Thank goodness he didn’t answer because whoever was on the other end would NOT have wanted to hear what happened after.

After a few minutes his phone rang again (yes, I was in there quite a while after those awesome Sweet Potato Fries from White Spot) but this time he answered it. I’m hoping it was his wife, but at the same time hoping it wasn’t. There was some low volume talking, but hey buddy…it echoes in a concrete room. So his quiet chat turned much louder. Followed up by “hello, hello, HELLO?!” A quick flush, rinse and out the door.

Now here’s my issue. There is very little signal in the washroom, I know ’cause I’ve looked on my phone. The scary part is that it’s better then in some parts of the building. The second though is that the bathroom, toilet, WC, lav or whatever you want to call it, is no place to attempt to have a private conversation. Seriously. It’s pretty crappy to think of what may have happened to his beloved BlackBerry. Or even the person on the other end of the phone. Thinking about it now I should’ve just let out a big groan and moan in pain while he was on…at least I would’ve had some enjoyment and be a part of his conversation he was having.

So honestly, my question to you is what do you perceive as proper toilet etiquette? Especially when it comes to phone calls. Do you answer them or not? Voicemail is there for a reason and coupled with caller ID is probably all you need. Just my 2¢ for the day.

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