A soulful run

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and this one will be quick, just like my run was. I’m back home at my parents place in Winnipeg for a visit and since I’m training for the Manitoba Marathon’s Half Marathon in June I figured that going for a run would be good. So I hit “the loop” again but extended it a little longer. 2.42 miles according to the Garmin and in under 24:00 minutes. Nothing too fast, but definitely a faster pace then at the higher altitude in Calgary. Further proof that the whole “train high, compete low” theory should prove in my favor. I first experienced it a few years ago doing a 5 km run in Amsterdam and only having run for maybe 10 minutes at the gym leading up to it. I was easily able to keep pace for the entire length.

Anyways, the post isn’t so much about that but more so about the houses I ran past in the neighborhood in which I grew up. I ran past the elementary school I attended for 7 years (K-6). Then there were house who belonged to Paul Carson, Tara Kelly, Chirag Hingwala, Jill Smith, Amber Bicherton, Lee Chu, Mike Anderson and Ronnie Neufeld…to name but a few. It really was interesting slapping my feet down on the same pavement I used to run the first time I trained for my first 2.6 mile Super Run back in 1987 (or maybe earlier). I was definitely long and lean back then and would’ve killed the pace at which I ran today.

Not that there’s a morral to the story, but there kind of is. Take time to watch things and reflect because before you know it, they’ll have passed by…just as I did to those houses.

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