Twitter Tag

So I got a little bored and decided it was time to try something new. I have no clue if it’s been done before, but I couldn’t find anything so here we go for information on the first Twitter Tag …or at least that’s what I’m calling it.

The rules are simple:

  • Tag one of the people you’re following using @username *TAG* #urit - pass it TAG backs
  • You may not tag the person that just tagged you.
  • Keep the karma going and just *TAG* a person
  • Have fun!

While it may seem pointless, it probably is pointless. The point is to have fun and honestly see how connected and networked you actually are.

So there it is, Twitter Tag with #urit — have fun!

EDIT: So I didn’t think about this, but feel free to tag multiple people at once (I suppose). My initial thought was just one at a time, but there’s no real fun in that when you can hit a bunch at once. Just keep one user to each Tweet.

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New theme launched

IAIAC ThemeWell in an effort to get a charitable site up and running quickly with minimal work I decided that Word Press was indeed the best application for the job. I sat down tonight at about 8:55 to get started on it with a Dos Equis in hand. Within three hours I came up with what I think isn’t that bad of a theme and it would be good for a poker site too! I’ll make some minor changes to it and perhaps release it as a theme.

I’m running 7 plug-ins right now with an extra one sitting in the inactive bin that will most likely get included too. AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget, Akismet, All in One SEO Pack, Bad Behavior, FormBuilder, Google XML Sitemaps & Maintenance Mode. Oh and that one sitting inactive, WP-Print.

It’s getting a little late right now, so I’ll link that plugins tomorrow…or just simply search for them. I just installed all of them (with the exception of Akismet) through the admin panel of Word Press without any issue. Take care, and party hard.

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