jQuery date picker

So the quest has begun to find a new calendar/date picker to use on a site with two input fields (a depart & a return). It also needs to be able to restrict dates based on values from other select boxes and ideally display multiple months at a time either horizontally or vertically. And of course there’s a restriction on the begin and end dates in the calendar too. The site already has jQuery running in the background so it just makes sense to go with that library to power the picker.

A quick Google search shows a promising list. I’ve had an in-depth look at three of them:

Now each has it’s strong points but it doesn’t seem to offer everything I need. So I pose the question to you, do you have any clue on a great calendar/date picker running on the jQuery library?

Thanks in advance.

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2 Responses to “jQuery date picker”

  1. Josh Says:

    I came to your site looking for the same thing as you but apparently you haven’t come up with anything yet. Crap!

  2. Marshall Says:

    For those of you wondering, I went with jQuery Datepicker by Keith Wood and it’s running in the production environment and has been solid. We’ve also chatted a few times through email and has been great with helping me on a couple of custom things. Perhaps I’ll post some implementation findings in a week or two…it’s just been hard to find the time.

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