The Frog Prince

It was hard to say good bye from YWG to our little girl that would be spending the next few days with her grandparents. We were sure she would be taken great care of, but at only four months old it was our first time without her for a night…ever! Alas, we headed through security, hit the duty free shop for some Vodka and Gin and proceeded to wait at the gate for boarding. The flight itself was uneventful.

We arrived on time, in fact thanks to the great WestJet service we arrived early only to find ourselves stuck on the plane because U.S. customs wasn’t allowing us off until they were ready. I guess that makes sense, but seriously leaving us on the plane sucked but wasn’t the fault of WestJet we were told. We hopped a quick cab ride to the MGM Grand and were greeted promptly with an offer of assistance for our bags. They weren’t that heavy so we politely declined. We proceeded into the lobby where the smell of fresh roses hit our nose. Then it was check-in time and it went very smoothly. We were greeted by someone that escorted us to the desk and the agent was quick and knowledgeable too. Upstairs to the room to throw the bags in and chill for a bit and try some of that duty free we picked up.

We decided that it was Vegas and we needed to go for a walk since we were both starving. We headed down to the casino floor and began to walk. It wasn’t long before we got distracted by the sites and sounds and a quick sit at “The Frog Prince” turned into a few minutes. I took off to try my luck at Black Jack and before I knew it had blown through $20 – not hard to do on a $10 table. Back to the slot machine, the money was gone so it was off on the great quest of food. We found a McDonald’s right in the MGM Grand and cautiously had a few burgers to eat and then we decided to hit the strip. Always up for adventure we kept walking past the sign for the monorail and on to The Signature at MGM Grand. Well, we didn’t realize just how far we had walked and went to the lobby to inquire the easiest way to get to the strip. “Oh just hang a left, go through the gate, then hang another left and you’re almost there” we were told. So we walked. And we walked some more. And we walked even further. Finally we arrived at the strip only to realize how far we had already walked on very little sleep the night before. A sign of things to come no doubt.

We thought about heading the opposite direction on the strip but decided we should think about heading back to our room. We hit the 7-eleven on the strip to grab a couple of over sized Heineken and proceeded to walk back to the MGM Grand avoiding pick-pockets, gun slingers and gang members along the way. We didn’t actually see any of those, just artistic license to the story…well, they may have been there but like I said we didn’t see them. We got back to the hotel and crashed.

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