The “List”

It’s no doubt that many people have a list. A “to-do” list, a “to-be” list, a list of “freebie celebrity hook-ups” list. The list of lists goes on and on. For me, this list is about powerful, influential and interesting people that I’d like to meet. Not just a little hand shake and photo opportunity (though that would be good too), but an opportunity to sit down and actually chat. Get to know them, pick their brains a little (or a lot) and allow the opening for continuous contact to bounce ideas and grow from there. The latter part is a bigger wish, but still possible. Read the rest of this entry »

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It was there I swear

I had something to actually write about but now I can’t remember why it was. I’m just going to ramble on (not to be confused with that song) on my iPhone while my iBook finishes its update. It’s been getting slower but it is over 4 years old. It’s definitely made me my money back and them some…hen even the Quad-core Power Mac has as well. I guess that means I should probably shop Apple for something new?! Suggestions are always welcomed…if anyone actually reads this anymore.

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Who’s Murphy?

Honestly who is Murphy? He must be a pretty famous guy since he has laws. The question came up this morning in a pointless office conversation which someone said “Jesus Murphy” and I was like “hmmm…who is this Murphy guy?” A little bit of Wikipedia searching turned up information on the association with Murphy. A generic Google search pulls the Wikipedia result but not anything else more specific beyond that. Looks like it is some Eddie Murphy guy though, and not the dull boring actor of late.

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