The ultimate horse?

The other day I had the fortunate chance to float with a few friends in a tube in Lake Ontario. We had one end anchored to a make shift anchor with some twine and a rather heavy rock, while the other end was attached to the moored boat. Catching some sun with a beer in hand we all got talking about different things and suddenly it hit me. Who is the “ultimate horse?”

Honestly do you not know what I’m inquiring about. 175hp. Who is the ‘h’ in the ‘hp’ and what sort of power is directly related to it? According to a quick Wikipedia search it appears as though nobody knows who that ultimate horse is, but that it is indeed being slowly phased out of life. I guess that’s why my lawn mower I just bought was measured in cc’s as opposed to hp like normal.

Oh well, just a pointless thought I needed to share. Thanks Meg!!

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