Sweet, sweet Google!

Google Maps - Altered routeWell, thank goodness for Google right? Some like them, some don’t…they’ve been compared to Microsoft at times from things I’ve read here and there, but compared to MapQuest for mapping technology, and there’s no comparison. Of course, I’m talking about the wonderful world of Google Maps. Why? Well, I was just messing around on Google Maps and stumbled upon a wonderful, long awaited, *NEW* feature…the ability to alter my route on the fly adding stops, or just taking alternate routes and discovering information about them.

It’s so great, I’ve already confirmed I’m taking the shortest, fastest, most direct route to and from the office each day. I’ve used it to plot out some run/walk routes so I know the distances on them now so I don’t have to spend 100’s of my hard earned dollars on a Garmin Forerunner with GPS (though I still want one). I’ve calculated the distance too and from my girlfriends place, spaces between office buildings on different routes, and the possibilities are endless.

I read a while back, actually I think it was a few years back, about someone looking for an apartment and he was wondering how to plot them all. They created a custom application using the Google Maps API and wrote the code themselves to be able to do it. It was good, but hard to find online (as I still can’t in my list of links). Now it will be easy for everyone and anyone to plot a route for apartment hunting, house shopping, grocery shopping, or just plain old whatever is involved that you need to figure something out for…provided it involves a map of course. Google still hasn’t invented the ability to time-travel or tele-port…yet.

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