The Secret – Just do it!

Well it’s definitely been a long time since I’ve written anything on here. It seems as though I’ve been getting addicted to Facebook and writing messages to friends that I haven’t seen in a long time or haven’t connected with. It’s really easy to find those people that once were an active part of my life.

I want to let them all know how much I appreciate each and every one of them. Each person that you can find in my friends list is obviously important to me, and I thank each one of them for whatever it is that they’ve given me as their individual unique gift. Thanks for checking this out, even when I haven’t been writing.

If this seems a little cheezie, it should be. I’m busy watching “The Secret” in the background as background noise. I had the night and house to myself, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, so I decided to slap it into the DVD player while I had some time to kill. I’m picking up different things about it this time around. It’s only the second time that I’ve seen it, and I’m sure I’ll get something new out of it this time. A lot of the things I learned the first time have definitely paid off.

For example, my business is beginning to take off. I’ve been thinking about it being very successful and am not sure how I’m going to advertise it, or even get business. Lately people have been approaching me about doing things for them. Even people that I haven’t seen or heard from in months, but I planted the seed with them a few months back with the opportunities that were presented to me. I’m still putting it out there that this year will see SPRY Design Group produce $100,000 in revenue. It’s a large goal to conquer, but I’m certain that we can accomplish it.

So, if you know anyone that needs some graphic design work done (advertising, logo, brand management, brochures, business cards, etc) or a website, please keep SPRY Design Group in mind. I believe that it can be done, and that it will be done.

Remember to take care of yourself each day, especially first. Your best friend should be yourself. Ensure that you care for that individual. A friend told me today an affirmation that he uses everyday. I believe it goes something like “I love and accept myself wholly. My past is perfect creating my amazing future.” I believe that the statement is very powerful, and once I put it into place for myself, it will be even more amazing then my life already is.

Back to “The Secret” the best thing I can say that I’ve pulled out of it is to focus on what I want. By focusing on what it is that I want, then the universe will simply manifest it. The energy flows where the intention goes. By focusing on negative things, those will often crop up. Another saying I’ve heard and use is what I resist will persist. Therefore I consciously choose to re-frame things in positive light. By doing so, I feel that the positive angle on the thought will help to promote the life, good, truth and honesty in myself, others and ultimately the world which will come back to me.

Life should be abundant. There is no shortage. There is plenty of good to go around for everyone. The world is an abundant place and if it is believed in, then the world can receive it. Whether it’s a woman (hey, I’m a guy), a house, money, car, freedom or anything else — if I believe it, then it will happen. My current relationship proves this.

I have a journal that I write in occasionally. Whenever I do, I go back and read over some of the things that I’ve written previously. They’re all things about what I want, and when I write, I make that conscious choice. By making that conscious choice, re-reading the positive words puts me in the right state of mind to write. The best part that I’ve observed about my writings in my journal is that they come true. I believe that writing anything, anywhere will work. Whether it’s an online blog, a private journal, billboard or anything else…just write it down.

This past weekend I had an amazing experience. To summarize it, it essentially told me to just go for it; try it; take the leap of faith. Really, things in the world can be easy for me. Money flows freely and easily and often to me — I truly believe that.

I know that it seems like I’m rambling along here, and honestly I am. I’m actually more interested in The Secret that’s playing on the DVD player right now then actually what I’m writing. For that, I’m not sorry. I was going to think that I was, but I’m not. I’m writing this for me, and hope that you can gain some benefit out of this. I believe that anyone has enough power and skill within them to do whatever it is that they want to do…all that’s needed is to try. Currently, I’m writing a story — the story of my life. I’m writing it for me. It won’t be printed in a book, or a movie, it will be written for me so that I know what I’m asking for, and so that everyone can be amazed how this thing, this “law of attraction” actually works. I’m looking forward to showing you all how well it works. Remember when you think to focus and frame things in a positive mindset…at least to the best of your abilities. I’m NOT telling you what to do, I’m simply telling you what I’ve done and the things that have worked for me.

Thank you for reading this, especially if you made it this far. I hope that you’re inspired to do something. Take a walk and smell the roses. Take time for yourself. Take time for a loved one. Just do something, whatever it is that you want, and make sure that it makes you feel good. I feel great right now! Thanks again.

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