What a tease…almost.

Well that was almost a tease! I was looking for some tickets to tonight’s Calgary Flames game and managed to find two of them side-by-side in section 215, row 2, seats 5 & 6. Of course, for some reason I had left my credit card in the car today so I ran out to get it and ran back in. By the time it was all said and done, my two minutes had expired and the tickets released back to the pool. What a pain!!

Well, it’s about this time that I opened two windows (one IE, the other FireFox) and put one on each monitor. I began manually hammering the ticketmaster.ca website to no avail. I stopped, took a breath and visualized myself at the game tonight…actually, on my way in to work this morning I had visualized it. So, a few deep breaths, seeing some ‘affordable’ tickets on the screen and I hit the submit button! It sat for a few extra seconds and voila!! There it was on my screen; two Calgary Flames tickets for Game #3 of the first-round playoffs against the Detroit Red Wings were mine. Again I took a few seconds to breath. I punched in my credit card and received the confirmation screen that they had been purchased.

So a little persistence, some positive thinking, amazing visualization skills and a few extra minutes of my time and the tickets were mine! Just goes to show that you really can have anything that you really want in life!

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