The world is not a sphere…

It’s true apparently. According to my younger brother, “it’s flat like a piece of paper.”

“You’re actually walking around on a big map, similar to the one that you carry in your pocket. You see, there are edges to the paper, just like there are edges on a map.”

“So how do you get to the other map?”

“It’s easy thanks to the vortexes! There’s these constant breezes blowing at the edges of the maps and they magically transfer you to the next map. Really, this whole thing of a core to the Earth is crap. There’s no big ball of liquid hot magma in the sphere…of course because the Earth is not a sphere, it can’t be there.”

“So where does it come from then?”

“Simple. Just think of it like a jelly filled doughnut! It’s all contained within the mountain or volcano and sits on top of the piece of paper. Nothing happens to it until people start messing around with it. You see, people, or should I say idiots, build their villages on the side of the volcano. When the village gets too big it gets heavy and it compresses down on the jelly filling. The filling comes squirting out the top killing everyone, unless they can run fast like Ben Johnson. Of course, don’t forget that it’s not jelly filling, it really is liquid hot magma! Honestly, only idiots build on the side of a volcano. It’s like natural selection, and you can’t help it if you’re an idiot.”

Really, this is almost exactly how the conversation went. It was very amusing and very serious, complete with hand gestures for the animations. I was thoroughly impressed. Oh yeah, did I mention that he’s won academic awards this school year? Oh, and he’s really 21!

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  1. Lyndsay Says:

    hahahaha that’s awesome. I love it.

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