Ahhh this thing called Life

Amazingly enough I haven’t written in a few days. To be honest with you, I actually feel a little bad. Life is totally taking control of me, as opposed to me controlling it. It’s time to get my life back under control. It started with the email inbox at work. Down to 9 messages now instead of the typical 40 or so, and no, they weren’t just archived. In fact, I took the time to read them, and do the things that were required within it. Now it’s time to write.

I still haven’t had that epiphany about what it is I should write about. I’m sure it will come to me at some point; it’s just a matter of time. I’ve started to get a little (OK, actually a lot) more serious about the graphic and web design work that SPRY is doing. We’ve got a number of projects on the board that it’s time to start knocking them off. Of course, life is getting in the way with the fact that I need to clean the house for when the appraiser comes on Monday. I’m hoping for a minimum value so that I can refinance things correctly, keep my house, do some home improvements, and have fun this summer.

Well, as is expected, time to get back to life. I’ll write more later I hope.Mbr /> (WC: 227)

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