Ketchup, Catsup or Catch up?

Well it would appear that I still have a lot of text to catch up on, and to be honest, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m not giving up by any means, I just have all this other work to do – another excuse I know. So, I guess I just need to decide if I want to write, or sit back and relax and do nothing.

Last night we made a quick image for a concept for S2 Photography, and now we need to turn it into an actual site. It’s just something quick, and a quick concept at that. It’s done completely wrong in that its one huge image. Not even sliced up! Sorry about that if you head there, but it does look pretty cool.

So, I’m not going to write too much right now since I’ve got so much other work to do, but I will continue to write, I promise. I need to write. I need that BIG idea. I’m sure it’s only a few pints of Guinness away!?
(WC: 175)

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