How many circles?

So it’s been a few days since I wrote. I knew it would happen. I thought about trying to find a computer this weekend while up in Lake Louise at The Fairmont, but decided against it. I decided to actually take time out and relax. Apparently, I also forgot to post on Friday, so according to my calculations I owe you 360 words for four days resulting in 1440 words posted today. Holy smokes that’s a lot of writing to do!

I guess it’s a good thing to write though, since I’m working on my new ergonomic keyboard it will give me a chance to get used to it a little bit more. I think what I’ll do is split the posts up a little bit more and perhaps carry one of those days forward so that you don’t have to read it all at once — you know, one long pointless thought.

The weekend was spent skiing and relaxing in Lake Louise. For not having skied in about 5 years, I was actually somewhat impressed with myself that I didn’t completely bail and have my skis end up at the bottom of the hill without me. First run down the hill resulted in an almost wipe out, but I didn’t actually fall. “Great! That means I’m going to get progressively worse throughout the day” I thought to myself. Of course, being that the mind is so powerful, I instantly believed it, and as you can guess got a little worse each run down.

There were briefs period of brilliance and skill, but there were a lot of me as a beginner, and it showed. I figured that the easiest way to get up from falling was to simply not fall. Of course that didn’t always work so well. Oh well, no harm done in falling I guess.

It’s not such a great thing to have writers block, especially when I have to write so many words today, but it feels like that’s what I have. I guess it’s all the other work that’s building up that I’m thinking about. I’ll continue to write throughout today and get to that magical 1440…or you could just stand up and spin around 4 times and that would be the 1440 degrees that I would owe you!? Of course, now I’m just rambling on (though it was a great song).
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