The idea is almost there.

I keep thinking that I’m almost there. Almost know what that big thing to write about is. Only problem is that I’m not. It’s not a life’s meaning or anything super huge like that, or maybe it is. Speaking of the Meaning Of Life (no, not the Monty Python classic), I find it interesting that people all too often search for it, when in fact they already know what it is. In fact, most people can create their meaning, and that’s what I’m setting out to do. Now to think about it!

Just kidding of course. I know that by turning off my brain (yes, it’s on sometimes) and just sitting and listening, I’ll be able to figure everything out and it will all come to me, and hopefully all at once. I think I need to start carrying around a small notepad and pen or pencil — one that will be reliable to write with so that as I’m driving I can write down the ideas. I’ll most likely pull over to ensure that it’s done in a safe manner…of course, I’m pretty good (or bad I suppose) at texting and driving.

I’m actually quite amazed at the lack of laws here that prevent people from talking on their cell phones while driving, or texting or doing other things that are distracting from them while driving. I used to not care, but now have taken a bit more of an attitude towards the subject…depending on the day of course. Whipping down the highway with me behind the wheel will now result in no message being returned until I’m stopped, or at much slower speeds; usually the prior. Talking on the phone isn’t much of an issue for me, though flying down Deerfoot Trail, I won’t answer the phone if I’m not on it. Really, it can’t be that important and if it is then they’ll call back – repeatedly no doubt.

I should also take this quick chance to wish a Happy Birthday to Lyndsay…she gave me an Ode yesterday, but I’m not that committed to writing that much about a particular person; nothing personal Lyndsay. She’s great, and fun, and not single guys. Sorry. She’s feeling a little lonely today since she’s here on her birthday and all the way from Winnipeg (maybe that’s why we bonded) and missing her man. So, head to her site and wish her a happy one. If you’re drinking tonight (just don’t drive), have one for her, and all the other thousands of people in the world celebrating a birthday today.

I wonder on average how many people celebrate their birthday on any given day? Further more, I wonder what day of the year has the most birthdays celebrated — of course, per person. Anyone know where I might be able to find an answer? Leave me a note then.
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