Shopping spree!

OK, I guess it’s not really a shopping spree, but I did do some quick shopping. I just bought three of the most useless things in the world, just so the two iBooks in my house would look even cooler then they already do. Yes, we’re a crazy Mac house! It’s been almost 3 years now since I had my first sip of Kool-Aid and I’ve never looked back. It’s been about 8 months since I powered down the last Windows PC in the house, and it’s been sitting in the corner collecting dust ever since. In fact, I’ll probably turn it into a Linux based server at some point…just not sure when I’ll have that time, plus the time to maintain it. At least that amount of time will be far less then maintaining a Windows Server.

It’s actually quite early in the morning for me to be posting, but like in my last post, I’ll post whenever I want to. I noticed something this morning when my friend from mentioned to me that I did miss a day. Well, a little investigation showed me that my post times were off, but only by 5 hours. So, don’t go for my posts based on the times that are displayed…until I get it fixed. Of course, I have no clue when that will be.

One other thing that I noticed is that Microsoft Word for Windows is lacking something that they’ve built into the Mac version. In the Mac version, the word count is showing at the bottom in the status bar — in the Windows version, it’s completely missing. I might be able to enable it through some setting somewhere, but just not sure where. Again though, it’s an additional setting I’d have to enable. At least it would seem that Microsoft puts some thought into the UI for Mac users — probably because they require it!

Starbucks LogoAs well, I’ve got to note that the triple Grande, non-fat, no whip mocha’s that I’ve been drinking lately from Starbucks sure are starting to pay off. Well, if I was buying their stock it probably would. I keep spending a lot of money on them. They average about $5, and going through 1 or 2 of them a day sure adds up. Guess I might just give it up for a while, or further limit myself to the quantity per week. Just budget myself a little more closely…or figure out how to become rich and not worry about the money aspect.
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  1. Lyndsay Says:

    Does that mean you want to stop meeting at Starbucks in the morning? :(

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