Almost no writing…

Well, it’s almost too late to be writing for today, but I guess it still works. Still haven’t missed a day. Though I did begin to think about that since this coming weekend I’ll be in Lake Louise and there’s definitely no guarantee that I’ll be anywhere near an internet connection – even if I was, it’s a fun, romantic getaway so why would I want to? So, before I break the agreement to write at least 360 words a day, let’s go with the following. I agree to write at least 360 words a day provided I have access to an Internet connection and am able to access the website. If I’m not I can add that number of words to the next day, or next post for as many days as I miss. The other, more likely and preferred option is to still write that 360 words a day minimum, but just write it on a piece of paper or two or three, and simply type it into the page upon my return…since I can edit the post date after all.

I was thinking of writing earlier on today when I checked out the blog at and realized that Lyndsay had already posted, and that it was early in the day. I thought about typing it up right then, but thought that I’d have more to write if I wrote closer to the end of the day. Nope. I should’ve written then anyways, even if I would’ve had more to write at the end of the day. I should always write when I get the chance.

Well, I do have something more to write now. I guess it relates slightly to yesterdays post about trying to figure out what to make. I figure if I start posting meal ideas on here, then at least I’ll have a resource to go back and look at right? Of course I will. So, tonight we barbequed some salmon and some asparagus while making some scalloped potatoes. The potatoes could’ve gone in a little longer, and well, the asparagus could’ve gone for a lot less time on the grill. Essentially to note for the future, to barbeque asparagus, it takes very little time. It wasn’t really burned, but more so of a Cajun style! 😉

One of the suggestions for food that came up while making dinner tonight was lasagna. I make a kick ass lasagna thanks to a recipe that my mother gave me – that I think she stole from the neighbor. She does give the neighbor credit though in the title of the lasagna recipe.

Anyway, that’s going to be it for today. Sorry for yet another pointless post. The purpose is to get me writing, and this I am accomplishing. Of note, things I need to write about still and do to the site are affiliate links. In order to help drive revenue to assist with The Millennium Project, I’m going to add in a bunch of affiliate links so that if you buy things, you can purchase them through the link, and the site will gain a small commission that can go towards ending world poverty. Remember that 50% of the revenue generated by this site will go towards the project. I guess, in all reality it should be 50% of the profit, but we’ll determine that when it comes about…it’ll probably be closer to 100% of the profit, since in the grand scheme of things I’m doing pretty good.

Thanks for reading (if you did) and have a great night. I hope to hear from you, so please, feel free to leave some comments (it’s very easy to do – if Terri can do it, so can you) and of course pass this along to your friends. If you have suggestions on things to do to the site, then let me know as well. G’night!
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