Almost forgot to write!

Almost forgot to write something today. That’s actually not true, I’ve been busy. My friend Terri (see, I mentioned you), wanted me to write something about her. It’s not going to happen, but she will get mentioned at some point, just not today.

Today, I still have no clue what to write about, but I did get some inspiration last night finding out that the author of Reframe Your Blame, Jay Fiset, felt as though he was essentially half-illiterate. He’s sold a whole bunch of books so far, and just signed on with the best book agent. Terri and I, amongst others feel that he’ll be on Oprah within a year, and it’s something that he’s looking forward to. They visualize it every day apparently.

So, I guess if Jay can write a book, why can’t I? I guess anyone can, it’s just a matter of actually selling the book and making money off of it. He did actually present a great idea as well. Jay and his companies have committed to The Millennium Project for the next five years – minimum. He showed a quick video and it all made sense.

Essentially, The Millennium Project is a project sponsored by the UN to help end world poverty by 2025. It seems crazy, but at the same time, it makes sense. All they ask for is for you to donate 7/10ths of 1% of your annual salary. I did the math, and it’s not much. So, for my commitment, right here, right now, I’ll donate 50% of all revenue generated by the advertisements, affiliate links and other revenue generating things on this website. I’ll keep this up for the next 2 years – minimum. Heck, every little bit helps right, and if I can’t get rich quick, I might as well get rich slowly, and share the wealth at the same time.

I’ve been a little ‘dumpy’ lately about my situation, but then I saw the numbers on poverty, and what’s going on in the world. I stopped to think how bad I really have it. Really, I’m doing pretty good. I’m going to do my best not to complain about not have a great house, or new car, or enough money to do everything I want. I have enough to survive, plus some more for some fun. I’m doing great!

I really do want to keep writing today, but I’m just running out of time. I find that my personal freedom is something that gets put on the back burner a lot. I need a way to generate some residual income, when I don’t do anything. Actually, I think that’s what residual income is all about. I’d love to hear some more ideas, or some for that matter, on how others have done this. Let me know. That’s all the writing for today. I’ll try and write over the weekend, but then again, it is a weekend – of course, that’s an excuse, so I should be accountable, and just do it!
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