Rich or Poor or Broke…just crazy I think!?

I was driving to the WestJet office this morning and it hit me. No, not a car or a pedestrian or some other random object, but IT hit me – the urge to write. I was thinking about what to write today, and had a great idea. In the whopping 5 extra minutes that it took to navigate one red light, to left turns and a right, I forgot. I completely forgot what I was going to write about. Talk about frustrating!

Maybe I was going to write about the Starbucks order I had sitting in a tray on the floor by the passenger seat? It was almost $20 this morning for 4 drinks for co-workers. Am I crazy that I’m paying this much for essentially coffee? Yes. I think I am a little crazy. I charged up my Starbucks Gift Card to $50 the beginning of March, and in less then 2 weeks managed to get the balance down to $4…on the nose actually.

I wish there was a way to get FREE gift cards to major retailers that I use. Or even just a way to get FREE money. I know that money is technically just an idea, and I’m trying to figure out what my idea is. If you have one, and you’re willing to share it, feel free to do so! I know that there’s no easy way really to get rich quick. And that’s fine. I’d much rather get rich and keep it. More often then not people acquire a lot of money – you know, like lottery winnings, inheritance, or some other form. These people are often back to where they were, or sometimes worse, within a year. It’s proven. There is a problem of having too much money, and it’s something that I look forward to having.

I guess I can’t take credit for that above saying. I’ve read almost all of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. The best line in all the books that I can recall goes something like this: “Truth is based on fact, and since the future hasn’t happened, it’s technically a lie. So, since it’s a lie, and anything you say about the future is then going to be a lie, why not lie big?” WOW! Amazing. Using this with the basic laws of attraction, my future is going to be a great experience, and wonderful life to live. In addition to reading the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books, I’ve been recently watching a truly influential movie, or documentary; The Secret. The Secret is a great movie, and I highly recommend obtaining a legal copy for yourself. It has truly changed my life.

There is a scene in The Secret where one of the people talks about all the bills in the mail and how he didn’t like receiving bills. Of course he didn’t. Who likes to receive them? I sure don’t. So, instead of seeing them as bills, he pretended that they were cheques each time. Within a couple of months, cheques were coming in the mail – FREE money! So, I asked my brother to start visualizing cheques in the mail, and within 2 weeks the first cheques showed up, and it was unexpected money. A week later, another cheque showed up! More FREE money!! They’ve been slowing down a bit lately, but I’m willing to bet he’s not thinking about the cheques showing up…think I might have to bug him about that later today!! I need money, and if it’s FREE money, then even better.
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