Telus & AdSense? Just write.

Telus AdWell, day two of writing at least 360 words on the page. I’m not sure what to write about, but I did notice something cool on my site today. I’ve been slowly tweaking the site and recently added some Google AdSense to the site so I can possibly make some revenue off of it. There’s a new feature allowing you to list your space available for advertisers to target directly; so naturally I allowed that too. I wish that you could determine if it was targeted or not, but to my eyes I’m unable to. Well, being that I’m in Calgary, Canada, and phone number portability just launched today, I got an ad for Telus Mobility telling me that I could in fact now move my number. It was a Flash ad, with full motion and everything, and appeared on my home page. “WOW” was my first thought. I have no clue if they targeted it or not, but I’ve never seen the new media ads through AdSense before. Perhaps it’s something new? Who knows, it was still kind of cool.

It’s kind of ironic considering that I hate Telus. I had some bad experiences with them a few years back, and have since never used a single one of their services directly. My mobile phone is with Rogers, my high-speed internet connection is with Shaw, and my landline is now with ACN – though that will probably be changing soon. The landline is where it all went wrong with Telus and their incompetent install staff when I moved into my new house a while back. So, I switched it to Sprint for the local and long-distance calling. Then I was on Excel Communications (long story there), then now on ACN. Since Rogers has bought the Sprint home phone, they’ve been sending me some information on their deals, and in fact called a few nights ago to offer me a promotion…I wasn’t home. We’ll see if they call back.

Over the next few days, I’ll be tweaking the site even further to add some analytics to it so that my SEO friend from can help me learn some more skills, and diversify my service offering…though in all reality, I’ll probably just use her on a partner basis (she’ll like that since it’s more money).

I could ramble on and on, but that’d be a waste. It’s not so easy getting 360 word count at minimum. To count the words, I’ve been cheating a little. I actually create the content for my post in Microsoft Word, and then use the Word Count from the Tools menu. This works quite well I’ve determined, and in fact helps correct grammar and spelling along the way as well. It works well, and allows me to get the minimum 360. Now if only I could turn those 360 words a day, into $360 a day, I’d be set and wouldn’t have to work again. Do you have any suggestions on how to become wealthy and have a whole bunch of free time? Let me know if you find out.
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