That hurts!

Well yesterday was working the biceps, shoulders and back…and man am I sore. I can definitely tell that my right arm is the dominant arm. My left shoulder is killing me, so much so that I had to ice it in order to fall asleep last night. Even today, it feels better, but is still very painful.

A bunch of exercises yesterday like lat pull-downs, chin-ups (assited of course), more superman’s, crunches, bicep curls and hammer curls followed up by a good sweaty cardio run. 2.0 miles in 20 minutes. Not really that fast, but it killed 360 calories! Next time we meet (Tuesday) is the leg day. Think I might have to head to the gym though to get in some cardio, or if the weather keeps nice, then I’ll go for a run outside.

As sore as I am, it feels good to know that I’m progressing (slowly) and that soon I’ll be able to these exercises with ease. Can’t wait to buy more pants and shirts…the pants are already getting loose…but that could be because they’re just stretching a bit.

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