Sometimes it’s life!

Sometimes life just seems to get in the way. I didn’t get to hit the gym once last week, so hopefully we’ll make up for it this week. I was there yesterday, and am going tonight as well. Tomorrow looks promising. Thursday not likely and same with Friday. Hopefully I’ll recover quickly and be able to go on Saturday. I haven’t stepped on the scale in a few weeks either and have to update the layout to this site so that it’s front and center. I’m guessing that nobody has even seen this site yet (I haven’t put it anywhere), but will have to go have a look at the stats.

I’ll begin posting what I’ve done for my workout and what I’ve eaten. It’ll essentially be my log so that I have a permanent reference for what I’ve done, and anybody else can have a look at it too. I’ve got some motivation, but I need some advice and help as well…that’s where you come in. I’d love to hear from you and your experiences.

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